>First St Patty’s Project of the year :)


Ok, I am loving all the St Patrick’s Days projects I am finding online. My first is from Tattertots and Jello. i did my own take on it. For one I don’t have a nice die cut machine and did not want to wait to get the cuts from a friend, and two, my son was painting a shoe box float for a mardi gras party today and there was left over yellow and green paint 🙂 So I used black construction paper, and free handed our letters. The clover is a stencil. The green is harder to see on the camera, but I still kind of like the way it looks.
I am also an Irish Step Dancer. I began as an adult when my oldest was 5 months old. I am currently not able to dance because it is not available in my area and I miss it so much. I figured my hard and soft shoes, plus the headband I where at a Feis would go well with my decorations.

I am a colloector, I have never denied it. My parent’s bought my the porcelin doll when they went to Ireland while I was in hs. My sister bought me the Barbie doll for my 28th birthday, and the smaller doll I actually got from one of those mail order book clubs. The pin is from an Irish shop in Manitou Springs, CO.

I actually have another Irish doll, and collection of Longaberger Irish baskets and a new Scentsy Irish burner. I can’t wait to add more Irish Projects I have seen and incorporate these items into those projects too. My living room is my “Irish” room in a way since I leave the basekts out year round. I may do so with these. I am not 100% Irish, but it is my most dominate White European lineage 🙂 Not sure if that is why, but I love anything Irish 🙂
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