Patriotic Wreath #2 ~ Deployment Project #11

So, this project turned out NOTHING like I had in mind.  First off, I did not really want another rag wreath, I have one for ST Patrick’s day.  But then I saw an ABU wreath on ETSY and though I can do that.  But since my hubby still wears his ABUs and they are NOT cheap.  I decided I would use some old BDUs that are kind of worn anyway.  Well, I cut my rags a little short…so rather than a lot of bdu with a little bit of the red and blue fabrics I bought.  It ended up even, red, white (which I realized it needed to lighten it up a little, luckily I had left over white pillow scraps from a school project), blue, and green.

The finished product, I like it, but am not toally sold on it, so we will see what I do next year.  I hadn’t really seen any other ideas I like better, maybe one will come up.  I also put white paint between the letters to see if you could read the sign better, but it didn’t really help.  Oh well, it is still cute…

a close up of the rags, focusing on the bdu.

at the ankle of the bdu pants are these ribbons to tighten the pants to blouse them over their combat boots (though no one uses them, they buy blousing straps.), anyway, I thought they would be a nice touch to the sign coming from his uniform.

>Found mypatriotic wreath idea!!

>I saw it on etsy!! It is similar to my St Patrick’s Day one, you would think that I would have already decided this. But up until today I didn’t want another rag wreath. Then I was just looking at AF things on Etsy and saw a rag wreath made of ABU (uniform) material. I LOVED!!!! it!!!!!! But knowing I can make it I am not willing to pay $45. I am going to make it with BDU fabric instead since my husband still wears all his abu uniforms and I did get some blue AF fabric, and red with gold stars to embelish it. I also got a Freedon sign like my Irish sign. I can’t wait to get home on Sun (maybe Mon, we have a late flight) and make it to have up just in time for the 4th. I had actually wanted a wreath for Memorial Day, but amglad I waited. this one will be up through Patriat Day (9-11) or longer, depending on when I get my Halloween one done…