Jacob’s First Communion (accidently skipped this is my story writing)…

I can’t believe I missed this event…and realized another big one I missed too!!  Anyway…in May of 2010…so year before Alex’s deployment and shortly after his promotion and Robert’s Baptism…my Mom and Dad came out for Jacob’s First Communion!!  They had always said that they would make it for this special event…I hope that they will make all of the boys’ and all of their Confirmations…

Anyway, his First Communion was held at our normal Parish just up the street from our house…there were so many kids between the Sunday School and the Church School that they had two Masses…Jacob’s was on Sat…It was a very special day and really nice to have my parents, Alex, and his two younger brothers there…and note…we did not dress to match my parents, or they didn’t dress to match us…the boys and I, that is a different story 😉 


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