Favorite Blogs series…blog 1…Frugal Fun 4 Boys

DSC09632 DSC09631Well, now that I am all caught up on the major events of our life since Alex and I met I figured I would share some of my favorite blogs…These blogs inspire me and well they hit home 🙂  The first blog I am going to mention is Frugal Fun 4 Boys…I actually just recently found this blog…if I remember correctly it was through a pinterest post…

I am sure you have figured out the main reason I love this blog…it is all about ideas for boys!!  She has 4 boys…now she did just have her 5th child…a GIRL!!  But this blog is so great…and it isn’t just about fun and games, but bringing those boys up right in a Godly manner…

She has a lot of crafts that Jacob would not do, but Patrick might when he gets a little older…but she also has some reading ideas and science projects and just lots of fun ideas mainly using stuff you would already find around your home…

I also love the way she breaks down her site…if you go to the activities tab, she has them split up by age group, so you can find the ones that should (since each child is different) be right for your child…A lot of her ideas also overlap in the age area…which great when you have more than one child 🙂

Here are a few of my favorite posts (most of these are older posts, because I like to go to the beginning of a blog and read forward…I call myself weird like that…and I also want to note that a lot of these ideas can work for girls too…especially tom boys, or prissy tom boys like myself :)…

Digging: I actually got Mikey a new Green Toys Tractor for Easter so that we could do this one 🙂  (we don’t have a lot of smaller trucks)

Poster board car play mat: What I really like about this idea is that it brings out the creativity in the child…they can draw a baseball field one day and the zoo the next…where ever they want…now one issue I see with myself is I would want to keep them all 😉  maybe I could find a way to frame them or something, or use thinner paper and roll them up in a poster mailer 🙂

Slingshot!: I think this is a great idea, and I love picturing boys being boys like they would have years ago before everyone, including myself, got so “wrap-our-kids-in-bubble-wrap”…this is actually something I need to work on…just letting them be boys…everyone thing will always turn out worse in my mind…have you seen the dad throwing the baby picture…where to the mom the baby is like 20 feet in the air…yeah, I am that mom…but I think with some guidance on what the sling shot can be aimed at…like a inanimate object, but not a window…this could be fun 🙂  and it is great for some fine motor skills 🙂

Coin Magic Trick:  What little boy doesn’t like putting on a show…at least for his own family…I think this looks like a fun activity and again if the child can do all the steps is some great OT 🙂

Duct Tape Bean Bags:  She has a lot of projects using Duct Tape…and with all of the fun Duct Tape out there now…why not…and what a wonderful way to recycle the clothes that any little boys is bound to ruin 🙂  then they can ply hot potato or other fun games 🙂

Lego Timed Building: My boys absolutely love games, the love competition, and they love Legos…so this idea is great…you have to check it out 🙂

Fall Tree Painting: I just love the idea of seasonal projects…and ones that use my child’s finger or hand print even better…yes this is a simple project, but it isn’t something I may have thought of on my own…I may have, but who knows…

Math Games: Again, I have boys that love games and love to compete…and one of these includes play dough 😉

Nature Scavenger Hunt: Honestly the only science I really remember from school was the hands on stuff…now if I read a book like Anne of Green Gables I can remember the detail…but science not so much…my oldest seems to be this way too (with any reading though)…so in my opinion…science can be fully taught through doing 🙂

Rain stick: Other than children’s choir and the music we listen in the car (when I let the radio be on…boys are noisy, I don’t need more noise) we are lacking in the music department…this rain stick looks like a lot of fun…

Chapter Books For Boys: I absolutely love to read (I “blame” my mom the Librarian)…I think it was because there was always books around me…I wish my oldest was a reader like I am, I can hold out hope right…either way I love to have lots of books in our home (ask Alex)…I also love seeing lists to give me ideas (because one can never have too many books…in my opinion 🙂 )

Cowboys and Indians: I absolutely love living history…doing history…reenacting it…visiting sites and seeing the reenactments…history is another area that I remember more from doing than reading (unless it is Fiction, like American Girls, etc…or about baseball…)

Childishness vs Foolishness: this is the first of many of her great articles of bringing up boys in a Christian manner…she has some really good ones, that I am striving to replicate 🙂

Laundry Fun: who also doesn’t enjoy some tips on organization and ways to make chores fun…this is a fun idea for a little one, and also is great ot  too 🙂

Go check out this great blog, even if you only have one boy or girls it really has a lot of fun ideas 🙂


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