Michael’s Baptism at St. Michael’s the Arch Angel Cathoic Church





Before Mikey was born I went through the Baptismal class with our Parish in LA…the plan was to have him Baptized there…but with them only have them on certain Sat’s a month and our pending move I decided to wait until we got to DC…that way he also would be closer to his brother’s ages and fit in the Baptismal outfit I made better…

When we got to the DC while the movers were at our house, Robert and I walked down to the chapel (it is just up the street) to get registered and find out about getting him Baptized…I really wanted my Dad to be there…he had been there for the other three, so it was really important to me for him to be here for this one too…so he gave me his dates and I compared them with what was available at the church and we went from there…His God-Mother tried to make it, but it ended up when he husband was traveling, so she was unable to make it…

Alex’s best friend’s parents live local and are Catholic so we invited them and asked them to be the proctors…My in-laws are also very close, so they came up, and one of my good friends from high school in England, who also lives in the area came too…so Mikey had the biggest group of guests to watch him be welcomed into the church…

Just like every other time one of our parents come to visit, Alex ended up having an exercise (it seriously has happened every time for the last 5 years!!) and was scheduled to work that Sunday morning…thankfully his work let him leave for a couple of hours so he was able to make the Baptism…Was nice that it was on base, so he didn’t look “odd” in uniform 🙂 

He did have to go back to work right after, but the rest of us went to the Club to have brunch together…it was the most special Baptism of the 4…wish all of them could have been as nice…ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage

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