A Promotion and A Baptism












37153_1653760301487_1833728_nIn March of 2010, when Robert was about the same age that Patrick and Jacob were when they were Baptized Alex also had his promotion to Major…Because both of our dads retired as Majors we asked for them to come out for the pinning…so they also got to be here for Robert’s Baptism…The trip was short for each of them, but it was nice that have both of our dads here…

The promotion was Friday afternoon in the 8th AF museum…there was an old hanger/briefing room and that is where it was held…our Dad’s pinned his service coat and the boys and I pinned his shirt…

The Baptism was that evening…because we were doing it at a separate time we went on base rather than at the church that we were attending…it was a small private Baptism with his big brothers, parents, and Grandpa’s there…neither of his God Parents were able to make it…so Grandpa Green stood in for them…My best friend Hope (who is also Jacob’s) is his God Mother…and my brother Sean is his God Father…

(note, I threw in the photo from my Dad’s promotion to Maj…I, like Jacob, got to pin my dad…my mom was deployed to Oman for the first Desert Storm…my brother got to pin him too…My dad used the same rank that I pinned him with to pin Alex…)

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