Class Reuinion Baptism

My dear friend that introduced me to Alex was heading out to CO for our high school class reunion…we also happened to go to a Catholic high school that also had it’s own chapel…There was also supposed to be a Mass for the reunion, so we thought having Patrick’s Baptism there would be perfect…We had everything all worked out…Her husband would stand in for my brother who would not be able to make it…

That morning my parents joined us at the high school and so did a few other class mates along with the alumni coordinator for our old school…and we waited and waited and waited…the Priest never showed up…come to find out he double booked himself and well our Mass was the one he missed!!

Thankfully, knowing that my God Mother was no longer local the alumni rep contacted the closest Catholic church (which happened to be the same one we had monthly Mass at during high school) and because we had already gone through the prep and actually spoke with them in getting the Baptism figured out they let us go right over and have the Baptism…

It went off without a hitch…other than Jacob took the still photos…and at 6, yeah, we got none…my dad did get a video of it though 🙂  Below are pictures waiting at the High School and then after at Divine Redeemer…I don’t like how Patrick looks in that one, with the light it just bugs me…and I know we had one with the God parents…have to find it…my first two just didn’t get good Baptismal photos…



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