A Church Wedding

Before we had decided to have two weddings my parents had already bought my wedding dress…which made it even more set in stone that we would have a “big” wedding too…once we got to TX I started to figure out what we were going to do…my original plans were for it to be there at the Catholic church…first I went to the off base church that I was attending and the Priest was unwilling to do a big one because we were legally already married…this was a small military town that you would expect the priest to be more understanding…so my next stop was the base priest…well he said that they try to follow along with the local parishes…so it seemed like a Catholic wedding just wasn’t going to happen…

After that I found out that there was a Methodist chaplain assigned to the base (Alex is Methodist) so I spoke with him and he was more than willing to help us with our “big” wedding…I was very happy for that and started to make plans…but I still really wanted to have my marriage blessed in the Catholic church…I then had the idea that maybe we could drive up to CO between his training in TX and our moving to FL and have our “big” wedding there…so I called my old Priest…and he thought what the Priest had said in TX was crazy and was glad to do the wedding for us…

My old church was still only a few years old and was still meeting in a local Middle school so I got to choose which church I wanted to have our wedding in…being that Alex was an Academy grad the Air Force Academy Catholic cadet chapel seemed like the perfect fit…so from TX I planned my CO wedding…I did not step foot in CO until a few days before our wedding…I used a local grocery store to order my flowers (my bouquet was much smaller than I wanted it had twice as many roses as my Brides maids, but the size was the same)…and my photographer was suggested by the wedding coordinator at the chapel…

Our “big” wedding didn’t turn out as big as I had hoped…my parents and younger brother were able to make it and Alex’s Dad and one of his brothers…he has an Aunt that lives in the Springs so she was able to make it too and then a few of my high school friends that were still in the area…Two of my closest college friends were also there as my Bride’s maids…Alex did also ask some of the cadets from his former squadron to be our honor guard so they were there too…

When we got there we found out that they were remodeling the Catholic chapel so we were moved into the Protestant chapel…it has a beautiful cross, but it larger so felt even emptier…and because of this even though it was May we were still kind of cookie cuttered and before we were even fully out of there the next wedding was setting up…Our photographer did take advantage and use one of their pew decorations for our picture… 

Our reception was in a cabin up the street and a trail from the chapel…there was a pool table in there and we had Apple Bees “cater” our food…the reception was nice and the place ended up the perfect size for our small guest count…

I was disappointed in how many people came, but I am glad that our wedding has been blessed in the Catholic church and I was able to see family and friends…I do still hope that we can renew our vows again and have a nice wedding with lots of people there…at the rate we are going with kids (4 boys) we should have a good guest count just with them 😉 

(I need to scan some photos from this wedding…sorry no picture right now…)


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