Summer Love


I am continuing my story about Alex and I the last 15 years 🙂  Just read back to find out how we met (I will try to include links later, but I am not that advanced at blogging yet, just glad to be blogging!!)

The day that Alex’s mom flew back home he took me on a date to a yearly event back home called Territory Days…It is a fun weekend going back to Colorado’s early days…we had two of my favorite treats, funnel cake and fresh squeezed lemonade…when we moved back to the Springs years later we took our oldest once or twice…it is just a lot of fun…

That summer we were inseparable, well as inseparable as you can be when you are dating a cadet who is limited on when he can leave…as I had mentioned in the last post, neither of us were really open about our limited dating with our families…well, my dad had gotten tickets to a Rockies and Cubs game and I asked if Alex could go along…it was a week or so later that I mentioned that he wanted me to fly back to Virginia to meet his family when he went home for his three week summer vacation (yep, that is all they get)…

It was nice going back to VA to see some of the DC areas that I had visited when we had lived in Hampton when I was younger…we went to Mt Vernon and the National Mall…

I think the biggest thing for me was shortly after we had met Alex told me about his best friend Pat…he just broke down and told me all about him…Pat had passed away just 13 months before while on a hiking trip at the Academy…I still wish I would have gotten to meet him…we did name our second son after him and do feel he is looking down on us…

That fall I went back to college 12 hours away…a long distance relationship was not easy, but breaking up had not crossed either of our minds…we talked on the phone and emailed almost daily…Alex sent me lots of roses…he even paid for me to fly home for my school’s fall break and then drove 12 hours straight to come see me at Thanksgiving…

I had never met a guy so into me as I was into him, and though the distance was not always easy, we made it work…tomorrow I will share on our unconventional engagement…


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