How we met…


I recently purchased a wonderful homemaking bundle (it is my third…really the only way I purchase e-books…), and the first book I read was by a young lady at… she got married when her husband was 21 and she was 19…I tend to go to the beginning of blogs and read back words…I don’t want to miss anything…Some of her earlier posts were about how she and her husband met, their dating, their engagement, and their wedding…Being that I got married young too and feel Alex and I have a lot that we can share from the last 15 years, I thought I should share out story too…and it gets me back to blogging, which I have wanted to do, but haven’t felt led as to where…so here we go…Our story of how we met…

The summer that we met I had literally just returned from college…I had just been away for my freshman year…one of my good friends from high school had been on a few dates with a guy she had met through a website called college club (this was 1999, college club was like the first face book 🙂 )…(this is the part of the story where to this day I still feel guilty)…the day after I got home from college she brought this guy over for me to meet…I remember when he first walked in I thought, “wow she found a good looking guy”  that was really hit…he asked as they were leaving who hit the longest home run (we are both baseball nuts) and I didn’t know the answer…he told me the answer (he still does and I swear to this day I can’t remember…I know it was Griffith Stadium here in DC…)…When they left I had this weird feeling inside, but told myself it couldn’t be because he was with my friend…

The next day or maybe two days they came over again…I guess he suggested it…within a week he had started sending me messages on college club and had left his squadron number (he was finishing up his second class (Jr) year at the Air Force Academy)…I called and I guess they left a HUGE message on the board that I had called…

The weekend after we met his mom came out for his ring dance…which I thought was the sweetest thing…I met her the day before she was flying back home…we weren’t officially together then, but had been seeing a lot of each other (I still felt horrible for my friend, but just couldn’t help myself)…I would say about two weeks after we met we officially started dating…I honestly cannot remember the date…that was almost 15 years ago!!

One month later I flew out to meet his entire family, which was a big deal for both of us…neither of us were very open about our dating with our families…neither of us were big daters or in many relationships…so when we did this it was a big flag to both of our families…

Our relationship did cause some issues for my friendship with my dear friend, which to this day still makes me sad, even though we are back to being good friends again and she is the God Mother of two of our boys…I still feel guilty…but am also blessed that she introduced me to the man that would one day become my husband…


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