I got the table :)

So, I went and got the table and hubby liked it on the stair landing…I really like it there too…and the color matches our railing really well, so thankfully I am not in as much of a rush to paint it black since it was FREEZING Sat and not much warmer today and tomorrow the high will be around 41 at 9am and then just keep going down to 15 on Tues!!  But I did manage to already decorate it and change up the decorations 😉  Here are a few pictures…


Yes, I still have the adorable Muppet Baby trip from McDonalds and Kermit does still have his vest floating around somewhere…the Garland I had in the closet…had bought it a few weeks ago, but just never got it up, so threw it on the table 🙂  The teddy bear was also from my childhood and if I remember right it came with a matching night gown for me…which I thought was the coolest thing 🙂


a view from the top of the stairs…please ignore the fact that there are empty spots in the frame…I have been adding them as I come across them and organize the photos…but I am just happy I have more than just my oldest in frames now!!

DSC08916 DSC08917

From the bottom of the stairs…I was trying to show off how I displayed our Christmas cards when my 4 year old decided he needed to go upstairs…oh well, he sure is adorable, so will keep the photo 🙂


Then I decided to change it up…I had the two Pampered Chef trifle bowls on our dinning room table (earlier one was FULL of balls, but a certain cutie pie (don’t call him adorable, you will upset the 4 year old, only he is adorable) 1 year old decided throwing them would be fun…he killed 6 of them…anyway, I split them up and the pinecones (that I got free 🙂 ) and put them on here…with a family of six, table space is premium, so this freed up food space on the dining room table…Said 1 year old did break one of the 6 after they were over here, but he is learning…


slightly more close up view…I do have to say, I love the trifle bowl more for cooking than serving food, and love that you don’t have to use the pedastool stand…which would work just as a pedastool too…Check out my friend’s Pampered Chef page if you want to order one or two for yourself…I have also added a Nativity that we forgot about and was still in the crawl space (we have a few and this one was new from last year) and will be adding the Three Wise Men when I am done posting them 🙂


And the final view from the bottom of the stairs…

I am loving this table…I have known we have needed something on the landing and the timing of it’s listing was just perfect…I haven’t been this excited about a used piece of furniture since the rocking chair I got last year…I think it helps when you have an idea for something and see it come true and for cheap!!

V-Day Mantle 1

I love this mantle that I found on pinterest (and have since been catching up on her blog, I tend to do that)…I think this will be my inspiration for the table…and come to find out she lives in CO…which just makes her even better in my opinion…she has two board I love, the one in this photo and this one

V-Day Mantle 2

Really not sure which one I want more!!

So obviously, the table did not end up in the entry…so for now I am thinking when it gets warm enough (which weather out this way is known to do) I plan to paint the orange boxes black to make at least the coloring more cohesive…and I think I am going to put the coat hook board up in the coat closet so not clutter up the eyes in the entry way…we shall see 😉  will also pick a mantel scape to hopefully put on the top shelf…


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