Laundry for a family of 6

(I will continue my trip blog later when I can focus better)

So, laundry is a head ache here…the only laundry I semi enjoy is cloth diapers, crazy as that may be!!  With 4 boys, three of which just throw clean with dirty, etc…I am trying to find a way to organize their clothes more…

The idea of a dressing room has be presented to me by a few of my friends with families twice the size as mine (in my mind my family is still small)…but with out house I just wasn’t sure how to make it work…right now we are in a transition with that…the first thing I did was if it can be hung (pjs too), it is being hung…which does mean the one closet in their room is not large enough…there is a hanging rod in the basement that is pretty long, so right now the older two are maxing it out…my 3rd has his clothes in the guest room and the baby actually has his in their room…they each have there own color hanger (love the container store…bought a box of USA made hangers there 🙂  )

Eventually I hope to have the storage room cleaned out with shelves for toy bins on one side and clothes racks (also container store, also USA made) and for their clothes and then a bin for their shorts in the summer…

Their underware is now in drawers in their bathroom…there bathroom has 6 drawers that I could not figure out what to do with them, well they need clean undies after bathing so it just made sense…and their socks…those are in IKEA boxes we had on the shoe shelf by the front door and they are to put their most frequently worn shoes on top, so when I actually pair socks they have socks right with their shoes for heading out the door…

Now to just stay on top of laundry and folding socks…the plan for that will be another post 😉


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