So…during Father’s Homily in church this morning I was thinking about how so much that the Readings said pertained to my life and really my ah ha moment yesterday…I wanted to blog about them here…well…we got home from church, I took a nap, and then went back to church to decorate the preschool room for vacation Bible school…once we got home, while hubby was making dinner, I was running my fingers through the back of my oldest son’s hair, and I saw this huge yellow tan thing sticking out…hubby was determined it was good stuck to his hair…I went and got a comb, and saw that it was pulling on my son’s scalp, so freaked that it was a bug stuck in his head!!  Hubby still insisted it was popcorn…I kept saying, he hasn’t eatten anything that looks like that!!  Our son was freaked out by then too…Eventually I was “stable” enough for hold his hand, because it hurt as he through his dad was pulling his hair trying to get it out…well once it came out it had legs and a head!!  Not food, and it WAS a bug…so out the door son and I went to the ER…He had gone camping the week before last…the thing is, it didn’t look like a regular tick…once we got to the er, we found out that it was a tick, but a dog tick…which though bigger and this one was very full…it is safer and no need to worry about disease and what not…we are assuming it got there since Tues, only because he had a hair cut Tues and the Barber didn’t come across it…My son has very thick hair and due to a head injury scar she left his hair a little long, so she may not have hit it with the comb…he did have a tick on his face the night he came home after he laied on his pillow, and that was a black, bad, deer dick, but it never bit him…I literally saw it just after it went on his face…this one, who knows how long it would have gone unseen had I not been playing with his hair…hubby and I are now totally grossed out…we will be watching him for a rash or fever, but he should be ok…

Tomorrow: VBS…picking up…and maybe that original blog post I planned…early morning, so heading for a soak and then try to go to sleep early 🙂


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