Just Another Day in Paradise

taken after my baby’s Baptism with my Dad and In-Laws…my FAVORTIE picture so far this year!!

had an ah ha moment…the song, “Just Another Day in Paradise” by Phil Vasar popped in my head…but I didn’t want it to sound like satire and that I was complaining about clean on a Sat with my husband off working on a paper for his Master’s degree…which was my reality cheak…I am living in Paradise…I have a family, I have children, I have a home, my husband is getting his Masters for free to promote in a job, he has…

There are people without families or that are still waiting to find that one…there are people trying so desperately for children…my children have never been less than a blessing to me, but sometimes I do not make that impression on them or my husband…We do have a home, yes I have complaints, it is base housing, there are wierd things about it, but it is a home, and in walking distance from church, hubby’s work, activities for the boys, and in a safe community, and we have one…it has not burnt down, or been blown over…my husband is able to continue his education, he is able to promote at the right time, and well all in all he has a job, which so many are searching for right now…

I pray I am able to continue to look at the things I stress about more in this new light…and rather than focus on the burdens that my blessings bring, be glad that I have those blessings…I am a Cub fan, we are optimists!!  Like I told my dad a few weeks back…”I don’t expect the Cubs to win, but I would be estatic if they do”…I still love my cubs, even if they do suck this year…just like my family…I don’t expect them to live up to my impossible expectations, I can’t even live up to them…yes I am exstatic when they surprise me…but I still love them more than I ever thought one could love someone even when they upset me…

Now to work on my bad words when frustrated or angry…but that is for another day…



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