Fat Tuesday in style…

So we have planned a pancake dinner and cinnamon roll king cake…well with our pending move I need to use up stuff in the fridge and freezer…So I was making cherry cobbler, which my hubby doesn’t eat…so pumpkin pie was requested by my three year old and we had over ripe bananas, so banana bread was added…so now we are having pancake dinner, king cake, berry (didn’t have enough cherries but had other frozen berries to use up) cobbler, pumpkin pie, and banana bread (had to go buy more bananas, over ripe bag was 99 cents for a BUNCH…had promised the 2 year old he would help with the banana bread after the 3 year old helped with all of the pumpkin pie…so now I will have bananas and pumpkin to still use up…good thing my boys like both in the form of bread…

 Maggie’s berry cobbler as my mom called it…Jacob wanted to help with the top, but didn’t understand what I meant by just wet (not over mixed…)

Robert’s Banana bread

Patrick’s pumpkin pie

just finished having desert and they all were good…my favorite was the cobbler 🙂


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