The Take-Home Outfit

I did not organize the baby clothes very well this last time…the take-home outfit was in two different bins but I did find it…Below are the pictures of my boys wearing this outfit…I am the tradition person in our marriage, but it was actually hubby’s idea…We had bought another baseball outfit for our second child, but hubby wanted him in the same outfit…he is wearing the bottoms to the second outfit…Oldest was born in late March in FL, second in early March in CO…yeah needed pants!!  I mentioned to hubby the other night that if this little he is actually and she that he and my mom get to choose the outfit…he said, she could wear the same one…I said they needed to get a little blue skirt or a blue bow head band…something girly…he agreed to that 🙂

This is my oldest…makes me sad to think he will be 10 next month…it is amazing how a 9 month pregnancy can seem so long, but before you know it is has been 10 years!!

This is our second…he was our smallest…there are the pants 🙂  same socks even though…the hat is special, he was born at an Army hospital…there was lady that made the hats for all the military babies 🙂 

And the “baby” for now…he is wearing the shorts that came with the outfit…Nov in LA…they all wore the shorts in their pro pictures…I have both the shorts and pants packed since our weather here has been wierd…actually this outfit is all I have ready…I do have a cute knit baseball hat for this one too…guess we could put the bow on the hat 😉


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