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OK…so I seem a day behind on blogging…There is a group of us ladies that are sharing a crafting blog and Fri is my day, and I had an early morning today, so had to choose one…go check us out…Crafty Mavens

First off, I gave up on the bathroom this week…still need that paint and it is just too late in the evening…planning on attacking it next week with the rest of my Plan of Attack group…I will also be taking down my Christmas decorations…one of my least favorite times of year…I love Christmas time and it is sad to take my decorations down…

First…I forgot to crop this and really don’t want to go back and fix it 😦  sad I know…The inspiration was “Framed by a doorway”…this is my son’s cat Baby Jaguar and this is his favorite place to nap…

I also got the kitchen sink done, but did not take a picture…I just forgot and really once I realized it, didn’t care…it is under the kitchen sink…nothing all that exciting!!

Only got one strand done on the cross stitch, but it was a busy day with the younger two’s gymnastics…getting the oldest’s pine wood derby done…helping with set up for that…

I did get the super hero masks done…was nice that all I need to do was take the new sewing machine out of the box and set it up and then sew them…the boys seems to like them, though I can’t seem to get all three of them to wear them at the same time for a picture…now I need to make some swords…Grandpa got them each a different gift and the middle son’s sword seems to be the one they fight over the most…I think I saw light sabres on pinterest…I am sure I can find something…

The 52 weeks challange finished with the tip to empty the kitchen sink twice a day…typically after breakfast and dinner…that way we don’t have the clutter spread and we aren’t being so anal that we get onto our family all day to rinse their dishes and get them in the dishwasher…

Hope to post from today…trying to not be so anal with the organization goals on the weekend, but just clean up around the house…catch up on laundry…craft and just enjoy my family 🙂 





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