New Sewing Machine!!

We had no issues returning the sewing machine…they only had one other machine…it is a different brand that I have not used…but has the features I like…can’t wait to use it tomorrow…my oldest really wants his super hero mask 🙂 

Ok, so two items are not checked off…one is practically done and the other not even started!!

We had to return some baskets that did not fit on the shelves I wanted them to at Michael’s today and there is a cupcake place right next store…this was our helthy lunch…and you can tell my two year old loved his…today’s 365 inspiration is resolve…though, I had no clue at the time how this would fit into that, and it really doesn’t matter, but I am ocd like that…I guess this is a shot to remind me to resolve to just relax a little and have fun 🙂 

So, I remembered to take the before picture once I was over half done emptying the worst shelf that was left…and the lighting is horrible…oh well…it is the end results that matter anyways…

I put a lot stuff into my beloved modualr mates including spices which you can see some of on the left…I have one on the right too…and sorted boxed and canned goods by like items…praying my family can keep this up…because not having them put stuff back right upsets me as much as a huge disorganized mess…did I mention I am a little ocd 😉  But, am very proud of my pantry…can they keep it neat for 3 months?  we shall see…

My candy countdown isn’t quite done for two reasons…the ink on the vellum is taking FOREVER to dry and I use an “old school” eyelet kit to punch a large enough hole in the card stock and hubby is crashed out on the couch…but I did get my oldest’s done…I am not digging the color of the tupperware…but it is what we had on hand and it works…the red and black is so it matches my Coca Cola kitchen…The boys actually stamped their initial and their stars…mama did the rest…oh, my middle one also stamped his hands and feet and face too 😉  now to put 19 candies in there for them to begin the countdown to Grandma…almost forgot I got the idea from brown paper packages…this is one of my favorite blogs…she has such simple ideas that are so pretty…you will be seeing many more link up’s to this blog 🙂

For my 52 weeks challange I actually already had this one done, so just took a photo…the article summed up in alternative ways to store items out…one was to take a nice jar or vase to store kitchen utensials in…This tin actually held a puzzle in it that I got from my best friend Leslie in high school…and well sense my kitchen is Coca Cola it is the perfect thing to old items in 🙂 

Now the bathroom…that did not happen…the second day was the walls…I was busy today and being that we are moving in 3 months, rather than clean I want to touch up paint to clean up the walls and well I just didn’t have the time and need to go buy some more for our bathroom since I didn’t close the can last time, and well paint can mold…I looked into day three and it was clean the window treatments and what not and at 9:30 at night that just doesn’t sound like fun either…so yes I decided to skip that one…but I will be 32 weeks pregnant, I took my oldest to OT, we ran to Micahel’s and Hobby Lobby…reviewed some homeschool, cleaned a pantry…went to the base to exchange my sewing machine…took the younger two to dinner while hubby and the oldest had basketball, went to a Cub Scout committee meeting…freaked out when I saw a dead black and white cat, until I found mine in our backyard waiting to come in…praying for who ever lost their cat tonight…made my countdown jars…helped my oldest on his pine wood derby…so I think I can be happy even if I didn’t get to the bathroom today 😉  plus hubby needs to unclog the toilet thanks to a certain 3 and 9 year olds…Oh and I got this blog up before 11 which is good for me since the younger two have gymnastics tomorrow and they have really been missing it over the holidays…so hoping an earlier bed time for me…we’ll see about that one…


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