Altered Comp Book

other than getting my posts up…two days in a row…woo hoo 🙂 

First my 365 photo…

the inspiration was a fresh start…well just yesterday out land lord installed our new WORKING dishwasher!!  haven’t even peeled the plastic off yet 🙂  The things we stay at home moms get excited about!!

Next was cleaning up my computer desk for the 40 bags in 40 days challange…I had that day blank…meaning we didn’t have what she had, so I just found a spot that really needed some decluttering…

and it needed it…I could barely work on the desk…I also cleaned off the top of the cpu…there was stacks of foam nativities the boys  made that we gave to the younger two’s mother’s-day-out class…I did also shred some stuff and throw out some stuff…so between all that I figure I got a bags worth…and a much happier working area!!

The cross stitch I will post when it is completed 🙂  hoping to have it done in ten days…my oldest has challanged me on that one…

With a little help from my oldest I altered a composition book…this is one of my favorite paper crafts to do…

I saw the idea for the handles at eighteen25, I love the idea…the papers were ones given to me by a friend before she moved…They are from Stampin UP…I decided to write down blogs that are linked up as I looked at a blog (I like to start from the beginning and then go to the first one they linked)…so this book is getting pretty full…but I figure it is a better way to keep track 🙂 

Finally for the 52 week challange, I moved the stuff that was not a part of the function of the kitchen out…which was just hubby’s work hat…hung it up…not much work there…the kitchen really isn’t that bad…so right now it is easy stuff…

oh and I am also a member of a great yahoo group…A Plan of Attack, this week they are working on cleaning up holiday decorations…I don’t take mine down until the 7th after Epiphany, so I got next weeks, which is the bathroom…so will be working on that this week and Christmas next…first I need to clean hidden areas of the bathroom…

Now to go update my board and get to work…oh school work first for Jacob 😉  almost done with time line review and then onto Latin…


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