Let Freedom Ring…

So I decided that I needed to write down my goals every night for the next day…but I didn’t want to just use plain old paper…I had recalled a chalkboard idea I had seen on pinterest…The original pinner said that it was a cookie sheet,  but after going to the actual website, it was a large picture frame…I liked the idea of the cookie sheet and knew I had an old one, so will went with that…Other than the chalkboard paint, I had everything on hand I needed…the paper is from the scraps I organized yesterday…I even used my old school sizzix for the stars…

Note, when the picture was taken I wasn’t done with today’s todo’s, but I am now 🙂 

Today’s picture inspiration was Ring it in…I was going to take a picture of my engagement ring that needs the diamond replaced…but then decided to take one of my claddagh toe ring I have been wearing for over 8 years…but then it dawned on me that my chalk board worked too…Let Freedom Ring 🙂  so the picture for the blog was a doubler 🙂

My oldest son came in while I was working on the stars and wanted to play with the sizzix also…he did an 12 days of Christmas chain in Sunday school (the 12 Days are actually from 26 Dec to 6 Jan (Epiphany…when the Churst celebrates the Wise Men visiting baby Jesus)…One of the rings was to make a card for your favorite teacher…well since we homeschool, I am his teacher 😉

So far with the 40 bags 40 days challange I seem to be hitting places that don’t really need decluttering…I did find one thing to giveaway and a few things that needed to be put away…some of the silverware is still in the dishwasher…maybe tomorrow there will be better luck on actually decluttering something…

In my post yesterday, I totally forgot about another challange I signed up for…This is a 52 week Organized Home one…I got my reminder email today…We will be starting with the kitchen…First I was decide what is the function of our kitchen…

Cooking (food prep)


Food Storage (cold/pantry)

Place Alex drops off stuff when he comes home…

I then was to consider if any of these things was making life a little harder in the kitchen…the only one is my husband putting his stuff there…usually I am working on dinner when he comes home, so in a way it only makes sense…but there really isn’t an ideal spot for his stuff and I usually end up moving it all…So that one I would like to figure out a better place…

Now to go update my To Do board and go to bed…feel too bad for the freshman at Stanford…OK St is on the 1/2 yard in over time…


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