13 years…


My husband and I have been together for almost 13 years…I bought this cross stitch in college BEFORE I met him…it has been an off and on project…usually it is worked on when we were in lodging and all my other craft projects where in boxes without house hold goods…

My sewing machine got jammed a few months back when we traveled to visit my in-laws…and thanks to our last renter taking advantage of us, I can’t exactlly get it fixed or buy a new one, since it was a cheap Target Singer…I was really craving working on crafts…while cleaning my living room I saw my cross stitch basket and decided to work on the projects I have in there…

I restarted this project on the 3rd of Dec…and by the 13th I had it done…I was reminded of another reason I would put it down…some of the shading was off so I had to just wing it…but because it is shading it wasn’t that obvious that it was not like the chart…I am giving this to my mom since it is the same breed of dog we had at the time…I wanted to give it to my brother, since it was his dog, but not sure it would actually be put up in his house…will post an update when we get it framed 🙂


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