For my hubby ~ deployment project #13

So, I was going through a box in the craft room, it was full of random stuff.  framed photos that used to be on a bookshelf in the family room that almost calapsed on me.  scrapbooking stuff.  Baby/prenatal stuff.  And some projects cut out, but not completed.  The next few projects are from that pile that I moved near my sewing machine.  Figure I am better off getting them done and putting the finished product where it belongs, rather than having a stack on none finished projects to find a storage place for.

The first one that I did was a snoopy v-day pillow case that I decided I am going to send to hubby.  actually mailed it this morning with a box of thin mints 🙂  and a few other things 🙂

I could tell you the measurements, but I literally eye balled a pillow case my sister made me.  I have made quite a few myself.  But essentially, take a pillow case and measure it across.  Add 5/8 and inch.  Since you fabric will be wide enough you only need one seam allowence in each direction.  Cut both your large and small fabric this lengeth.  I honestlly do not know the width of the blue, it was smaller than most I make, but I just did with what I had.  Usually there is a ribbon or seam on the pillow case, you can measer that and double it with 5/8 * 2 for your seam allowence.  place the accent fabric on one “short” end of the pillow case fabric with right sides together, sew a 5.8 inch seam allowence.  press open towards accent fabric.  Next, fold the accent fabric towards the wrong side of the pillow case, having the edge line up with the seam (makes lining it up easy…press on the fold to make a nice crease.  Then, sew with the edge of the presser foot along the edge of the fabric.  this gives you a nice accent line on the outisde and holds your accent fabric down.  Next fold the pillow case in half, right sides together, sew on both unfinished edges using a 5.8 inch seam aloowence, turn, press and done 🙂  Sorry I didn’t take pictures, didn’t think about it!!



One thought on “For my hubby ~ deployment project #13

  1. Susan says:

    Sent you an email – YOU won my Gooseberry Patch Cookbook Giveaway!

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