Deployment project number 10

First off I can’t tell you how happy I am with wordpress.  It is so much easier and it imported all my blog posts from blogger!!  And I was able to fix my blog I had issues with on blogger, yeah, happy girl.  OK, so a stay at home mom gets excited over little things easily, oh well, it is the little things in life 🙂

Onto the project…This project is a work in progress and will be done about the some time hubby gets home, we shall see which happens first 🙂

28 June 11 ~ This was taken the day we found out we were expecting.  i am about 5 weeks here.  This is what happens when hubby comes home for a week and a half 🙂

5 July 11 ~ and one week later, not sure if I am bloated or actually showing a little already.

Please excuse the blurry and slightly tipping photos, my 9 year old is helping me out with these ones.

This project will be updated weekly since hubby isn’t here to watch my belly grow!!  My first appointment is Wed 🙂  Can’t wait to get my first ultra sound, hear the baby, and have a due date!!


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