For my hubby ~ deployment project #13

So, I was going through a box in the craft room, it was full of random stuff.  framed photos that used to be on a bookshelf in the family room that almost calapsed on me.  scrapbooking stuff.  Baby/prenatal stuff.  And some projects cut out, but not completed.  The next few projects are from that pile that I moved near my sewing machine.  Figure I am better off getting them done and putting the finished product where it belongs, rather than having a stack on none finished projects to find a storage place for.

The first one that I did was a snoopy v-day pillow case that I decided I am going to send to hubby.  actually mailed it this morning with a box of thin mints 🙂  and a few other things 🙂

I could tell you the measurements, but I literally eye balled a pillow case my sister made me.  I have made quite a few myself.  But essentially, take a pillow case and measure it across.  Add 5/8 and inch.  Since you fabric will be wide enough you only need one seam allowence in each direction.  Cut both your large and small fabric this lengeth.  I honestlly do not know the width of the blue, it was smaller than most I make, but I just did with what I had.  Usually there is a ribbon or seam on the pillow case, you can measer that and double it with 5/8 * 2 for your seam allowence.  place the accent fabric on one “short” end of the pillow case fabric with right sides together, sew a 5.8 inch seam allowence.  press open towards accent fabric.  Next, fold the accent fabric towards the wrong side of the pillow case, having the edge line up with the seam (makes lining it up easy…press on the fold to make a nice crease.  Then, sew with the edge of the presser foot along the edge of the fabric.  this gives you a nice accent line on the outisde and holds your accent fabric down.  Next fold the pillow case in half, right sides together, sew on both unfinished edges using a 5.8 inch seam aloowence, turn, press and done 🙂  Sorry I didn’t take pictures, didn’t think about it!!



Yarn H ~ Deployment Project #12

I actually made this a while back, so technically it is a lower number, but oh well, it was done while hubby is gone, so that is what matters.

I cannot remember where I got this idea, I know it was a link party at

My hubby likes to get me red roses and I like to keep them, so this is a dried rose bud that I used as an accent.  this is on a shelf in our room.  I will post more pictures of the shelf when I finish up my room 🙂  These shelves are actually deployment projects too, but their items aren’t quite done 🙂


Ugh, my 9 year old is talking my ears off and I forgot to post what in the world I did to make this!!  It is a paper mache H from Hobby lobby.  The yarn was not covering it enough so I painted it the same color as my yarn.  I then glued the end of the yarn and neatly wrapped it.  For the horizontal parts I gut strips of yarn and glued the down.  The rose is not flued down, but just resting on the H.

Hello world!

Am giving wordpress a try because well, blogger was such a hassle to use, I don’t have that kind of time, so needed something better or well the blogging was going to end.  So this is really a test post to see how well this one works.woo hoo, that picture came AFTER what I had already typed….Now to try two pictures at once.


Patriotic Wreath #2 ~ Deployment Project #11

So, this project turned out NOTHING like I had in mind.  First off, I did not really want another rag wreath, I have one for ST Patrick’s day.  But then I saw an ABU wreath on ETSY and though I can do that.  But since my hubby still wears his ABUs and they are NOT cheap.  I decided I would use some old BDUs that are kind of worn anyway.  Well, I cut my rags a little short…so rather than a lot of bdu with a little bit of the red and blue fabrics I bought.  It ended up even, red, white (which I realized it needed to lighten it up a little, luckily I had left over white pillow scraps from a school project), blue, and green.

The finished product, I like it, but am not toally sold on it, so we will see what I do next year.  I hadn’t really seen any other ideas I like better, maybe one will come up.  I also put white paint between the letters to see if you could read the sign better, but it didn’t really help.  Oh well, it is still cute…

a close up of the rags, focusing on the bdu.

at the ankle of the bdu pants are these ribbons to tighten the pants to blouse them over their combat boots (though no one uses them, they buy blousing straps.), anyway, I thought they would be a nice touch to the sign coming from his uniform.

Deployment project number 10

First off I can’t tell you how happy I am with wordpress.  It is so much easier and it imported all my blog posts from blogger!!  And I was able to fix my blog I had issues with on blogger, yeah, happy girl.  OK, so a stay at home mom gets excited over little things easily, oh well, it is the little things in life 🙂

Onto the project…This project is a work in progress and will be done about the some time hubby gets home, we shall see which happens first 🙂

28 June 11 ~ This was taken the day we found out we were expecting.  i am about 5 weeks here.  This is what happens when hubby comes home for a week and a half 🙂

5 July 11 ~ and one week later, not sure if I am bloated or actually showing a little already.

Please excuse the blurry and slightly tipping photos, my 9 year old is helping me out with these ones.

This project will be updated weekly since hubby isn’t here to watch my belly grow!!  My first appointment is Wed 🙂  Can’t wait to get my first ultra sound, hear the baby, and have a due date!!

>Overnight Fig Cakes ~ Deployment Project #9

This is another project from the Egyptians and Their Neighbor’s book. They cakes actually turned out pretty good, Jacob wasn’t a fan. Because they used Barley flour they had a beer taste to them.

mixing the dough by hand, it used both whole wheat and barley flour.
next we split the dough into three and rolled them into long logs.
With a little help from brother, he lovs school and to cook, perfect combo for this project!!
Rolling the dough up like an Elephant Ear, as Jacob put it and placing on a plate to rise over night.
The finished product, the dough was sticky, so we used a lot of flour, which I think definately affected the final taste.

>Patriotic Wreath 1 – Deployment Project # 8


My mom mentioned wanting to get some seasonal wreaths for their door, so when I went to get Jacob’s needed project supplies I picked up some stuff to make a wreath for them too. They already had the flag that I used in the middle and the glue gun I used to keep it all secure. Look at that Patriotic boy (and another good picture, not sure what over came him!! but I love it).