>My son verified why I chose this blog name…

>Last name after my son’s baseball game I asked him to put his uniform in the wash. I made sure to get the clothes in the drier tonight so that he would have a dry uniform for tomorrow morning’s game…

Well, when I went to rotate all I saw was the socks that I put in there!!!

I went and looked in his room and his belt was on the floor and his pants crumpled in his drawer. No shirt to be found.

As I went to change out the popcorn I am making for snacks I saw it on the family room floor, inside out and because it did not make the wash it has pizza sauce on it.

Ugh, I feel the only way to keep that child clean is if I clean up after him. And he made the comment that if he shared his room with his brother that his brother would make a mess. HA (and he is 9, the older one!!)


>Goals for when I get home

>As I said a couple days ago, I have about 100 times as much stuff as my brother and his family. But my sister-in-law has inspired me with two new daily things that I have know I need to do, just haven’t. That is dishes in the morning and pick up toys in the evening. I could do both in the evening, but not sure I will be up for putting toys away, let alone doing dishes too. We will see how it all works out when I get home. I can say that I am inspired to clean about and take care of the house after a week of minimal cleaning…

>Real Food

>So, I have been toying with the whole all natural diet for a few years now, and a lot of things have led me to really try and eat better. Our body is our temple that God has given us one of, and we need to treat it with respect, and other than nursing my babies, I need to make sure we put things inside them that God intended for us to eat.

So, I am going to try and get rid of all processed foods. I am sure it will be hard and slow, because I am cheap, and well, good, all natural food is not cheap, but then again, we don’t buy a cheap car, so why should I buy cheap, unhealthy food. This is another big change for me, but I am ready lots of benefits from this.

We have already begun ordering raw milk. I only ordered one gallon at a time because it is just under twice as much as our standard “cheap” milk. But my boys loved it, and well it has good bacteria that is removed from the store stuff. On my order waiting for me at home, I also ordered some farm fresh eggs. I am hoping to join a fruit/veggie co-op, hit up our farmers market, and local farms more. Make homemade popsicles and treats, and just feed my kids better.

Wish me luck, because this will be a tough one too.

>Simple Life

>I am constanly trying to get my house under control. And well, it is a battle I am always losing…I am currently at my brother’s house, where his wife keeps things very minimal. Yes, the boys still make messes here, but they are easier to clean, and she is more on top of dishes and what not each day.

I am not at the point where I can part with a lot of my things, and I do part with stuff, but seem to add to what we have just as fast, if not faster. I am a collector. I collect things, each of my rooms seems to revolve around this theme. Plus I get attached to things. For example my oldest son’s toys. I can’t get rid of them, I want his brothers to play with them, and I want to keep them for his kids. That would be fine and dandy if I wasn’t so hung up on making sure his brothers each get new toys that were not played with the other siblings first. A part of me says I just need to store them, but the boys do play with them all!! Granted it means more stuff out and needing to be dealt with and picked up.

How do you deal with kid’s toys and just stuff in general?

>Another new blog

>Ok, so I had 4 blogs, but came up with this name and really wanted to use it and really like it. I don’t want 5 seperate blogs though, so I am goin to import my old blogs and try and keep up with this one better. Unlike my other blogs it isn’t just for crafts, or family, but my everyday ramblings of my life.