>To do list!!


We went to IKEA yesterday after my son’s meet. he and his two team mates that made it did awesome. They got 4th in team, which being that there were only 3 of them, none of their scores were dropped, so that is awesome!!
But we went to Ikea and I got red frames for

>Best V-day bucket ever

>Woo hoo I have my pictures up from all my v-day projects from eighteen25, enjoy…
The man of my dreams…

My miracle baby, when he was 2.5 he fell from a window. 17 days later he walked out of the hospital…

this is my special baby. I had to wait 4 years to get him and then got his brother 20 months later. Not complaining, but he was long awaited for and didn’t get to be the baby long. I love all my babies though 🙂
My baby, I made his first, and determined I had to order these and fram them. Actually got them in today, now to find some frames I like for them 🙂
My girl, Tinker Bell, the only way I have one right now, I love that kitty 🙂

jacob’s cat, Baby Jaguar, not my fav kitty, but couldn’t leave his out 😉

I thought this one was adorable, though I don’t have a round punch, so I did have to cut out a LOT of circles by hand, oh well, it was worth it in the end 🙂

These were fun to make, though hubby had trouble getting his chocolate out since it was glued down. We had to open the bottom and “birth” the chocolate out 😉

Tic tac/starburst/m and m robots, these ended up being the boys favorite.

The tutorial for my I dig you item did have a tag, but I would have had to make my own, and knowing I still had a lot of projects to go, I was not up for the challange, so I just wrote it on the shovel. I am all about ease!!

I absolutely loved this idea. though we don’t need more toy cars I just had to go with it. I got them three mustangs and an F-150, no hints intended 😉

My more practical gift 😉 And we do make a perfect pair. I realized I should have also done a tooth brush with you make me smile on it, would have been good for all that candy I gave them too!!

My middle child loves chocolate coins, so much that when my dad gave him a real gold dollar he wanted him to open it 🙂

Hubby’s was for my favorite crush, the boys’ said that the best crush is the kind you can drink 🙂

This adorable print out was supposed to have a picture put in the circle. It was late, I was tired, and I don’t have a fancy photo editing program, and even if what I have could have done it, I did not have the brain power. I do have a lot of dif V-day stamps, so I used one of those to fill it in. Hidden under the wrapper is a hersey bar 🙂

My husband and kid’s love the round place and bake cookies, so though they didn’t take much effort I made two packages to throw in there buckets.

I sacrificed for my kids and drank 3 frappachinos that day, the 4th got put in a cup in the fridge, my body was not happy with me that night to say the least, but these jars turned out great. I love the way they look. The tutorial said to paint the lid with chalkboard paint and then write something in chalk. No chalkboard paint here so I just cut out circles and left it blank.

All their goodies. My son is homeschooled this year. I told him that he would get a better V-day bucket than had he gone to school. Oh and the explanation for the buckets. I needed the shovels for one of the items and this was the only way. I hadn’t figured out what I was going to put the goodies in, so this worked perfectly.

Brother digging into his bucket 🙂

Not sure what he is looking at here, but he sure was happy

Cookies, yeah

What’s this, look at that jar of m and ms, what a spoiled kid, someone must love him 🙂

Checking out his Robot.

I love that kid, and his brother’s too, but look at that sweet face!!

Hmm, what is this 😉

Big Brother helping Little Brother check out his goodies…

No clue what he is doing or thinking, here you can kind of see our traditional V-day meal, hot dogs, beans, and mac n cheese. On or around V-day is when Pitchers and Catchers report to spring training. That day is more important than V-day for us, it is the start of a new baseball season, a sign of new hope. Fri night hubby and I had Chinese and watched Fever Pitch, though about the Red Sox’s it is a great movie for a Cub Fan, especially just before spring training starts when there is always new hope…

Little Brother finally got to see ALL his goodies, though some, like the tic tacs, he won’t get to enjoy 😦

Brother is showing me his Robot man I made him. He was told one starburst, yeah, he ate them all. love that even though he has no inside his head is still attached 😉

>fleece watermelon


I actually did some crafting tonight. When I was given some fabric food links I knew I could easily do one a night and it would not take long, it was just the doing it. I have been having the will, but not the drive for a lot lately…Well, I made my son a fleece watermelon tonight for free. I have so much fleece on hand it is not even funny!! I just tossed it in his shopping cart to see how long it takes one of the three boys to point it out to me 🙂 I also uploaded my V-day pictures so will have a post from those projects too 🙂

>I am so excited

>A few of the projects I really like suggest a cutting machine or iron on letters. Problem is I don’t have a cutting machine. They do suggest doing a modge podge with scrapbook paper or fabric, but the cutting maching will look nicer. And as for the iron on’s, the letter set is short the 4 s’s I would need, don’t need 48 other letters just for 4 s’s. So, my friend with a Klic-n-Kut is going to cut them all for me 🙂 Yeah 🙂

>Here comes…

>Peter Cotton Tail, hopping down the bunny trail, hippity hoppity, Easter’s on it’s way 🙂

OK, I love St Patrick’s day and will show some great links there too. But I had to start at the beginning of eighteen25, and they began their blog last year with Easter projects

I love them all and can’t wait to do them 🙂 Trying to think of what to put in the countdown eggs. I already spoiled my boys with plenty of candy on V-day 🙂 Would it be too cheesey to use some of that? What are some other filling ideas, not just candy…

I also need to start checking out Goodwill and local thrift stores for cheap frames an trays

>Some pojects I would love to work on…

>All of these links are shared on tatertots and jello, which I linked to from eighteen25

These are really neat charms, I would want one of my husband, boys, and cat 🙂

I also love the tutorial to this little clutch

I love the warmth of this guest room

I absolutely love this button, it is the seamstress in me 🙂

I love hearts, it is the doll side of me…

I am planning to share more links and hopefully get my v-day crafts up that I did for my boys. Thanks eighteen25 for those 🙂

>I have done it

>it is up, this is my 4th blog. I really hope to actually keep up with this one. I love crafting and have just recently visited the world of craft blogs, oh is my to do list growing!! I want to link crafts I have done from other blogs, links I would like to do, and other stuff I am working on. That is the plan, we will see if I can stick to it. Please enjoy…