>Long Time No Scrap

>yeah, it has been so long, and it was so much fun. I really just need to stay on a roll with it and I may actually reach my goal of catching up!! I have decided to focus on getting the boys’ baby books, portrait books, and proof albums done, and then this year with challenges. I tried to scan Jacob’s baby book, but my scanner wasn’t picking up the colors right, so have not been able to do that. Here are the pictures for last week’s apron string challenges. the first challenge was to be inspired by fashion, Patrick’s shirt was my inspiration. The fridge picture is because he insisted on helping to put the groceries away and let’s just say he insisted things belonged where most people would not put them. In the other two he is cutting up his “nana” with his play silver ware he just got for Christmas.

Wednesdays are always a sketch challenge. for this one I was actually one picture short. So the last two photos are actually one, I cut the photo in half and then cropped each half to size 🙂 Jacob loves making smores, so Alex fired up the grill and they had smores, he was a happy boy 🙂

And Friday is 5 for Friday, we had to use, red, orange, or yellow card stock. patterned paper with circles or waves, trim, epoxy sticker, and metal embellishment. These are pictures I took after I took Robert’s 2 month photos. Patrick wanted his picture taken too. He was not happy with just a few photos though. For the most part he is 100% sweet 😉
Hope to have lots more pictures to post in the near future!!