>I WON!!

>I won the big prize for the challange I was doing woo hoo. Just what I needed after sending my son to school sick and having to go get him. I didn’t realize he was that sick, just thought it was because he hadn’t eatten breakfast and didn’t eat a good dinner. I also had to deal with a crabby hubby. They both seem better and I won, woo hoo 🙂 Oh and Robert found his feet, and Patrick lost Robert’s paci, but he has gone to sleep fine without it as long as I nurse a little before. So for a bad day, it was pretty good 🙂


>Was a late night, but I got them done!!

For day 16 we were to use at least 4 photo corners, with two not used in the traditional way. 3 of mine are arrows to my kitty, since he is so small in the pictures.

Day 17 was to use a die cut, so I used my dinosaur die cut 🙂

Day 18 was to use at least two different alphabet stickers, I used 4 🙂

Day 19 was to use some form of chipboard.

And the last one, day 20, was to use themed paper in a non-traditional way 🙂
Am glad to be done, to say the least. Love doing cyber crops, need to try and do the layouts daily though. Need to get back to my personal cropping goal!!

>Am trying to get my Feb crop with Apron Strings Designs done. I didn’t get them all done within their weeks. Though, week three I did and won a prize :). This is the completion of week 2. Because I needed to find my eyelet setter for challange 6, I did get more cleaning done too.

this is challange 10, we were to use Valentine paper. Don’t we look so young 😉

Challange 9 was to use holiday paper, look at my hubby 10 years ago.

felt shapes for challange 8, these are felt letters. I loved having my dolls and stuffed animals model, I have more layouts coming.

12 eyelets, the layout that got me to clean some more. This is my mommy 🙂

What I have left to go through, and there is actually a row missing now, will take another pic when I get back to work there. Just finished layout 16, need to finish 4 more tonight so I will have them all done 🙂