>week 3 of stash challange.

>here are my week three challanges for the apron string designs stash cyber crop. I got them all done this evening in about 3 hours 🙂 Kits and sketches are awesome, and being organized helps.

for day 11 we had to use two frames and one could not be around a picture.

for day 12 we had to use three different punches

For day 13 we had to use stickers

not sure why this one is sideways, but for day 14, we had to have one large element

day 15 was three rub ons, my rub ons were cracking bad, but I got them to work. One is on the center picture on the left page, 2nd is partially on the top picture on the right page, and above the bottom right picture on the right page.

I did not realize that my selection of kits was getting so low, I have 22 kits left, and these are not full kits, but maybe 1 or 2 layouts a kit. So though I didn’t get them all used up, and doubt I will by Fri (hubby’s pinning), I did battle a month of sickies and him being gone and still worked on my scrap stuff when I could. Now I need to make gets out of my tons of embelishments I have. But to reward myself, I am going to start getting the smaller than a breadbox from apron strings designs again 🙂 I am also going to set a new goal, and that is to use the kit as soon as I get it, and not let it sit around like these ones did (the newest was from 06).

>Treasure Hunt #2

this is my happy of the day, we weren’t supposed to have pets, but she cuddles with me when I am on the couch, she is right now too, so my non pet is facebook, it is my connection to the outside world and friends from my past and present.

the shoes I wear and I do run outside without them and take shoes off to drive, honestly if I could I would go barefoot ALL the time.

what we had for dinner tonight, taco pie.

candid shot, the one least likely to wake from the flash and the one I don’t take a lot of pictures like this anymore.

>Treasure Hunt

Image outside my back dorr late at night, wow, didn’t realize it was froggy out

my scrap space, or part of it.

my old bed, I got to the treasure hunt late and well, am sure hubby didn’t want to be woken by the flash.
ugliest thing in my house, pile of laundry with my disaster of a garage.

>Man has it been a long week, my younger two are the sick ones now, hopefully we are all getting over all this illness. Am hoping to get another page or two scrapped tonight and uploaded, am behind on the challanges for my cyber crop, but working on it. Here are the two that I already got done this evening.

well on my computer this layout was the correct way, oh well. This is day six we were to use three of our oldest pattern papers together.

Here is day five, using 8 blossoms.

>only one

>With Jacob home sick from school I didn’t get much cleaning done, I did get the front room done though 🙂 This is day 4’s layout for the apron strings blog challange. We were to use at least 5 buttons and 5 brads.

>update and begin scrapping

>Even though I am not done with cleaning up, I have begun scrapping. I did go through a box and found a gift card to the home depot I had thought I lost 🙂 These three layouts took me about 2.5 hours because I used sketches and kits, those are my magic 🙂 if you want to take part in the stash challange head on over to, apronstringsdesigns.blogspot.com 🙂

This was from day three of the apron string blog challange. We were to use three different ribbons on our layout. This is from when the Vikings Cheerleaders came to the BX on base.

Day number 2, use three different fonts. This is a photo of the rainbow we saw in Scotland and of a garden in a castle in Scotland.

For day 1 we were to use our oldest stash. This is from a Nov 05 kit. This is outside Edinburgh Castle.

>sick house again

>Well last week was spent just trying to catch up on my being sick so I did not get around to the craft stuff. And this week the boys are sick. I do plan to go and work on stuff here in a few minutes and work on the toys in the family room.

I do want to share that I got a free sewing table and serger last night, am very excited. That means my desk can be for scrapping alone 🙂 I also have been asked to help a spouse make an album for her husband’s retirement (not sure if I mentioned this alread).

I am also going to be taking part in a month long stash using challange with my favorite kit club, it does exactly what I am trying to do use up my stash and use sketches, here is the blog, apronstringsdesigns.blogspot.com. I am hoping to get the first three done tonight after I get the boys to bed.

Well, I better get to work and go check and my kiddos.