>Been a while

>Well it has been a while, I haven’t forgotten about posting, just haven’t gotten around to it. I do have some pictures to post. I have not worked on the craft room in a week, but have been working on the rest of my house. When I was sick it kind of got out of hand, so had to take care of the rest of it first. Would like to have it all done by next Friday. I did take the trundle out from under the day bed so I could store boxes under there and not have them stacked up. The cats seem to like have a bed in the garage 🙂 Not that it will stay there.

I did receive and email today from someone who thought I sold scrapbook supplies (I like them all, would not be able to choose). She is wanted to make an album for her husband’s retirement, so I offered to help her out 🙂 maybe it is a calling, who knows, we shall see. I am also hoping to start having friends come over to scrap once or twice a month. I seem to be inspiring people, that was not my itent. I just want to get caught up, but hey I don’t mind all the same.

Ok, will upload the photos next and hope to soon have scrap pages to show off on here 🙂


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