>Done for the day and the promised photos

after round one for the day

the opposite view

round two (told you there wasn’t much difference)

opposite view

the sewing box I went through (found two things for the airman’s attic, better than none)

the quilt I need to finish for Jacob

Can you see the clean section behing the couch, woo hoo, may be done sooner than three weeks, we shall see 🙂 There are a lot of boxes to go through.

final shots of the room, see the kitty comfy on the bed.

And the other angle

Ok, so I already know what 2011 will be, year of the sewing machine 🙂 Maybe hubby can get me a nice work horse one next year for Christmas, with a button hole, that is a must have for me!!
Well, I didn’t time my work this time, just did it. Got a hole row cleared in the family room. I do have a stack of rubbermaids in the room now, which aestetically (sp) I do not like, but they are my scrap things, so rather than go out and buy a better way to store them, I plan to use them!! Oh and my son’s kitty loves the clean bed to lay on 🙂

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