>most recent pictures

close up of the orange crate I hung on the wall to work as shelving.

closet with the rearranged items since the trundle was moved out making room for stuff under the bed.

Desk and bookshelf

bed with some items on it.

the little tornado came in and rearranged some things, but you can see along the wall that the rubbermaid boxes are gone, they are under the bed.


>Been a while

>Well it has been a while, I haven’t forgotten about posting, just haven’t gotten around to it. I do have some pictures to post. I have not worked on the craft room in a week, but have been working on the rest of my house. When I was sick it kind of got out of hand, so had to take care of the rest of it first. Would like to have it all done by next Friday. I did take the trundle out from under the day bed so I could store boxes under there and not have them stacked up. The cats seem to like have a bed in the garage 🙂 Not that it will stay there.

I did receive and email today from someone who thought I sold scrapbook supplies (I like them all, would not be able to choose). She is wanted to make an album for her husband’s retirement, so I offered to help her out 🙂 maybe it is a calling, who knows, we shall see. I am also hoping to start having friends come over to scrap once or twice a month. I seem to be inspiring people, that was not my itent. I just want to get caught up, but hey I don’t mind all the same.

Ok, will upload the photos next and hope to soon have scrap pages to show off on here 🙂

>Some progress

>I got two rotations done in the craft room, ended up doing more in the game closet and craft closet than what was in the family room, but a big chunk was still taken out. I had wanted to do a third rotation, but have been busy getting math stuff together for my oldest son. I am not sure how much i will get done tomorrow. I have a very sore throat and am going to the doctore in the morning, so we shall see.

Will try and post pictures tomorrow.

>Done for the day

Look at how far I have gotten!!

Some stuff is still on the bed needing to be put away, and yes I do have to stack some boxes on the floor, no room other wise, but as I use things up those will go down too 🙂

another angle, not entirely dif, though I did rearrange the book shelf a little

the closet I have talked about but haven’t shown.

Man, I am done for today, I am just hitting burn out on it for the day and don’t want all together or I may just move the stuff back in there as is. I wanted to show pics of the room to show that I wasn’t just throwing the stuff back in there, but was organizing it with what I have 🙂

I am hoping to get to scrap some tonight since I have everything I need to get to 🙂
Will be back at it tomorrow.
22 month old is trying to empty the dishwasher, better get to it.

>Making Progress

>Well I just did my second rotation in the craft room and it had fewer interuptions than the first, and I made a big chunk in the family room dissappear 🙂 Son knocked a container in the top of the closet down while running around, but it was one that I needed to go through anyway 🙂 Will definately take pictures. I do have a big stuffed lizard on the floor, it is son’s and I need to stitch it up, will prob try and do that this week so I can get it out of there. Also would really like to fix his boppy pillow for the same reason, can’t put them away to be fixed, so better get them fixed so they aren’t in there 🙂

>Cut Short

>Well, I didn’t do much yesterday and when I was in there late last night we realized Patrick had gotten sick in his bed, so that stopped me 😦 I have worked a little today, but my kitty wanted lovings and Jacob needed help with a game on the computer. Hopefully I can be more productive later today 🙂 I think I am going to hold off on pics, unless it is something big, like the pile in the family room going down 🙂 And then a final results photo 🙂