>(Just found this in my drafts)

Wow has it been a while since I have posted and I claimed that I would stay updated. Sorry about that.

Christmas was wonderful. Jacob was a Three King in the Catholic Children’s Service on base. I made his and 4 other costumes. Will try and post photos later. Alex had to work Christmas morning, so we had to wait til 1 for him to get home. I was so busy finishing things up and Jacob was being an awesome big brother with Patrick, that it flew by. The boys had a blast opening gifts, well Jacob got to open for both of them. Even when we wanted Patrick to try he just looked at Jacob like well, open it for me 🙂

After that we had dinner at my parent’s and then my brother, his wife, her parents, and my brother’s best friend’s parent’s and his grandparents came over for pie. Sean, Toni, and I then played pass the phone with Sean and My older siblings. We all webt home very tired but very happy.

today we have been cleaning and playing with all our new toys 🙂

Hope to post more to keep you all updated on us.