>Way too early

>So I didn’t get much sleep last night, must be anticipating the trip, never sleep well the night before one, maybe it is a good thing we are leaving in the evening. Back to updating on my week.

Mon we had a nice day at home, which doesn’t happen very often for us. I did work that night, and took another good sitting I am proud to say 🙂

Tuesday Jacob had his weekly therapy, he is doing really well. I talked to his OT about the interacticve mentronome some more, we are looking into starting it when we come back from vacation. Not sure if tricare will cover it, if not, my job will be to pay for that rather than debt. Which was why I took the job, but oh well, seeing my grandparents and taking care of my boy are much more important. The cards will get paid down eventually!! The metronome should be just 15 sessions and since it will be 3 – 4 a week we should be done into the first week of Sept, so then maybe my income can pay for some cc’s. Don’t plan on working when we move to LA only because it prob won’t be as easy with Alex’s schedule, and homeschooling Jake (schools are so bad we will be doing that when we move). The boys and I then went to my parent’s house just to hang out. After that we met Alex here and the house and he and Jake went to baseball practice. Patrick and I stayed home because it was way too hot!! I hate heat, did I mention that already 😉

Well breakfast is ready, so Wed and Thurs will be in a post when I get home. Will upload some more photos eventually too 🙂


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