>Some more catching up for the week.

>Well, am putting off doing laundry so figured I would try to finish updating on the week 🙂

Wed we stayed home until gymnastics, which Jake is doing awesome at, even the events he used to be fearful on!! I am hoping LA offers to pay a portion of the class like CO and WA do for homeschool kids. We pay full here, but anyway thing that can help would be appreciated 🙂

Thurs I worked on Patrick’s room, got his bumper pad and crib skirt done, working on the valance next. Will take pictures when it is all done 🙂 Jacob also memorized the Cub Scout Promise, we are working on the law now 🙂 He is so enthusiastic about Scouts, which I am happy about. We are also working on the Catholic religous medal for Tigers and Wolves. Not sure if I will have Alex work on the Protestant one with him, that is more up to him.

Yesterday I just cleaned up the garage to be able to fit one of the vehicles in there and cleaned up down here. REally need to get laundry done so we can pack 🙂

Today was a kind of busy day. Jacob has his last game, and we thought that I had to work. Alex and Jake forgot his glove so I rushed it to them on my way to work and when I got there, in the time I called to say I would be a few minutes late and 7 minutes later, our 9 was a no show, and then by time I got back from getting my icee and pop corn our 10 called to reschedule for 11, so I wasn’t needed, I was there a total of 10 minutes 🙂 But got paid for 30 to cover gas. Kind of bummed to not get the extra income, but am happy to have the extra family time. After Jake’s game we just hung around the house and cleaned out the car, getting ready to do that laundry 🙂 Maybe 😉

Well, I guess I should. leave comments I want to hear from you all 🙂


One thought on “>Some more catching up for the week.

  1. Cherylann says:

    >Just telling you to blog some more 😉 Haven’t had a post in 6 months :DI am busy here, too. We’ve decided I will homeschool Caity next year, so I am prepping now for that.

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