>Way too hot

>Wow is it hot out here!! I hate heat, and we are going where it is even hotter, but at least we will have AC!!

First an update on the past week. Alex and Jacob went to a Cub Scout fishing event in Limon. Jacob almost caught a blue gill, but it came off the hook just before they reeled it in. He used live bate. They also got to shoot bbs and arrows and did some crafts, which Alex did not enjoy at all, plus it was in the middle of a field in practically KS, I can only imagine. Guess the craft part is for me, but not the heat!!

I coached our baseball team, we had 6 kiddos there. I was way too hot if you ask me!! Two of the boy’s parents helped out a lot too.

After the game I just hung out at home with Patrick until it was time for me to go to work. Alex and Jake (asleep) met me at Target so he could take Patrick while I worked.
After work we took the boys to my parent’s house and then Alex and I went to Jack Quins, a cool Irish Pub in down town Colorado Springs. Some of Alex’s co-workers and their Girl Friends met us there. After a bit we headed down to Cowboys, which was a lot of fun!! Brandi and I did a lot of line dancing. Alex and B even tried to two step with us, didn’t work out so well, but at least they tried!! After cowboys we headed back up to my parents to get our two sleepy boys and bring them home.

On Sun I went to work again, and took a good sitting, even did a good sale, getting proud of my photos!! After that we tried to go bowling, but the bowling ally on base is barely open, so we went and just hung out in the play area at the mall. We then went to BW3s and then met B, Brandi and their 5 boys at putt putt, 7 boys and one needing to be heald is a large group. They had to leave early, but we finished out our games, which was fun, and by then it was a very nice evening.

Well I need to clean, so will continue in my next blog on my next break 🙂 Will also add photos.


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