>What to do?


(Patrick eatting Jake’s foot, very gross I know!!)

Sunday was a mainly quiet day at home. Watched some baseball (Cubbies lost ;( ) and really that was about it, nice to have some clam days.

On Mon I went to Bingo with some friends on base. Didn’t win anything, though I don’t expect to, just something fun to do with my friends, one of them is moving to VA tomorrow 😦 Life of the military I guess. Please pray for another, she and her husband need our prayers right now too 🙂
tues was a busy day. Jacob had his therapy again, and his ocupational therapist said that the reason he makes up letter when sounding out a word, like word and guesses wolf, is because his eyes can’t stay focused. She sent home an article for us to read and we will start something here at home to work with him on. I also put him on the after school wait list for when school starts.

We then went and hung out at my parent’s for a while, since we were at that end of town. Was nice, when my mom got home she bought me a smoothie from Kieva juice.

After that we went to baseball practice, it actually wasn’t cancelled!! July in CO around five is usually thunder storm time. I found out that flag football and indoor soccer will be at the same time, along with cheerleading, had four girls ask me if I was coaching again. I really want to, but it all depends on the AF. Even Jacob playing, not even sure if he will get to play. Alex was told that we could move between Oct and JAn if we do move and the season goes to just before Thanksgiving. No point in paying for it or starting to coach and then leave in the middle of the season. We are to find out his assignment at the same time that registration ends. Hopefully AFPC will be on top of that and let us know before we head out on vacation.

After practice I tried to get my work schedule rearranged since I goofed and double booked my husband and son this weekend. I scheduled them for a fishing thing, which they both want to do, but none of us remembered that since it was a Sat that there was a baseball game. Jake wanted to for sure do the fishing since he gets to play baseball a lot, Alex was concerened, but I don’t think he realized that I would still go to the game to coach even though they weren’t there. So we decided to go with that. I do still need to do some rescheduling though, found out I am on call one night when Alex works and scheduled to work the next when he works and it was agreed that I would not work when he does and we have a new girl too. So have to get that one straightened out. I really want this job to help pay off debt, right now it is all going to our trip, which is 100% fine, because we would not be able to go if I hadn’t been working. But I may not stick with it only because it is a much bigger sacrifice for my family than I thought. (Order lots of AVON and Pampered Chef!!) WE are just so busy as it is already, as I am sure you have noticed. Oh well, we will see how my boss handles rescheduling and I just may decide it is too much. I do enjoy the job and like everyone, but I have to do what is best for us, I thought the income was, but maybe it isn’t. Pray for us on this one please.

Also, please pray for my Grandfather, he was admitted to the hopsital again yesterday, he seems to be doing ok and wants to go home. I can’t wait to see them and let them see Jake and Patrick!!

After figuring out and actually during part of it we began to watch and very long but good All Star game. I think Steinbrenner paid the 2nd base ump, but oh well. A lot of great plays were made ecspecially on the NL side and Jake’s favorite player hit a homerun. my Cubbies did good too when they were in. In the end the AL won, but the Cubs can still win it all even without homefield advantage 🙂

Well I need to submit my Avon order and since this is such a long post I think I will go ahead and post it tonight rather than waiting until this weekend 🙂 Leave comments I want to know what you think 🙂


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